June 29, 2008

Ada Books has a summer job! So, for the next six weeks, I'll be operating under weird summer hours.

You'll still find me here everyday (except holidays) but now, on weekdays, I'll only be open from 2pm until 7pm. Hope that's all right with you, Stranger.

Also, on certain Saturdays, you might find a frown on my door. That's because Ada Books is kicking its way to glory out on the kickball field. Go Holy Rollers! You can consult the schedule here: providenckickballleague.

Things will return to normal, this side of Labor Day. Normal can be nice. Normal can also be a big bore. Enjoy your summer!

June 17, 2008

On Saturday, June 28th, Samuel C. Gaskin will infect our ears and eyes with his kitbag of heartbeats and pictographs. The show starts at 7pm. There will be tiny beers and sodas for your refreshment needs. Until then, please enjoy this video.

June 5, 2008

Get a load of Kate Schipira's new book of tasty poems! It's called Ethel's Dream* and it's this week's Discount Dandy. Buy it and anything else you buy with it will be twenty percent off. That's how the Discount Dandy works. That's the Discount Dandy way.

*Bad scan. It should be green, not blue.

And do you know what else is dandy? I mean, do you know what else is Discount Dandy? This:

It's a signed print (4"x 6") by the Alec Thibodeau. There's a freaky bearded one, too, but you'll have to come in (or go to www.inkape.com) to get your eyes on it.

Yeah, so, buy something already. I'm here every day, all the time. And lately I've been feeling a little lonesome.