November 23, 2008

HOLY GOD!!! It's the Seventh Coming of Kramers Ergot!

And it's happening here, at Ada Books.

On Sunday, December 7th, from 6pm - 9pm,
gladhand with the makers of Kramers Ergot 7.

Nine or ten or twelve or eight of them will
be around for you to schmooze with, get to
know on a brief and superficial basis, maybe
even to go home with, I don't know, it's
none of my business. I do know they'll at
least sign your book, sign your back, sign
whatever you ask, I imagine. Best of all,
you'll have a memory that will last through
early onset senility and at least one body
you won't want to wash for weeks.

Here's a list of the probable possibles:

Sammy Harkham, James McShane, Leif Goldberg
Rick Altergott, Ron Rege, P'Shaw, C. F.
John Pham, Ben Jones, Souther Salazar,
Kevin Huizenga & Ron Rege

That should be plenty of incentive for any
contemporary-comics addict. However, for
those old-fangled caffeine addicts, Ada's
streetmate (and neighborhood fixture),
White Electric,
will be open and serving your coffee and
tea needs until nine o'clock.

November 18, 2008

Jeffrey Yang

Katy Lederer

& special guest

Forrest Gander

This Saturday,

November 22nd

at six o'clock.

November 13, 2008

This Sunday, November 16th, at 6pm, Isabelle Garron will lavish us with the French tongue. E. Tracy Grinnell will then translate it for those of you who aren't bi. And Sarah Riggs will treat us to some sound poetry. Snacks will be there and so will wines. Why don't you join us?

Note! Sarah Riggs can't make it tonight so Damon Krukowski will stand in and shout out for her. Krukowski, you may or mayn't know, is one of two geniuses behind Exact Change. He is a talent and a tastemaker and I don't expect you'll want to miss him.

November 9, 2008

Peter Markus reads from

Bob, or Man on Boat

Monday, November 10th

at 8 o'clock in the eve

Beer and salted nuts
provided by management

Undivided adulation
provided by you

November 5, 2008

This Saturday, November the Eighth, at 7pm,

see Adam Golaski and Ken Rumble
enliven the air with their outloud poems.

And forget not that noted novelmaker, Peter Markus, will be here (717 Westminster) this Monday, at 8pm.

Free snacks and wine make merry on the side.