March 30, 2009

Recent arrivals at Ada Books include:

- A batch of beauties from Robopocolypse

- Some pretty papery things from Parcell Press

- Cool zines and suchlikes from Black Light Diner

Not to mention (though I'll mention them anyway) a smattering of new poetry and a splattering of comics too numerous to list. It's all here, awaiting your eyebeams.

March 19, 2009

Havana Comes To Providence! Well, not all of Havana. That would be absurd. And probably illegal since President Obama is too preoccupied these days to lift the embargo. But Ada Books is offering you something much better than jail time and cheaper than a plane ticket to Cuba.

On Friday, March 27th, at 7:30pm, witness with us the words and, possibly, the gesticulations of Bob Arellano and Achy Obejas. They each have a freshly minted novel out (with Akashic Books) and they want to read to you from them. They'll even scribble their names on them for you if you're bold enough to buy a copy. Now, would it be too corny if I ended by urging you along with a gringo-inflected vamanos!?

And! Also! Aswell! On Saturday, March 28th, at 6pm,
observe Deborah Poe and Karen Leona Anderson reading their own words in an outloud manner.
They, too, have books which they'd be ever so
happy to sign for those who are passionate
about poetry. Groupies welcome!

Plus: Karen Leona Anderson will be leading a salon at
The Providence Athenaeum this Friday from 5-7pm.

Plusplus: This Saturday, after you've soaked up some
poems, be sure to bathe in the soothing rain of sounds
that are Comaneci, Annikki Dawn and Bob Corn. They'll be playing next door at White Electric.

March 15, 2009

This. . .

and this.

Now on sale at Ada Books.

$10 (23"x35")

$20 (23"x35")

Drawn and printed by Jay Zehngebot

March 10, 2009

Be aware of the Eve of the Ides of March!

Darcie Dennigan, Katie Umans & Ryan Flaherty
unleash their poems this Saturday, March 14, 6pm.

And. . .

Join us on Monday, March 16 at 7pm to read
aloud from James Joyce's short story,
The Dead. I promise, it'll be more fun than
it sounds. Plus, there will be draughts of
Guinness for parched (21+)throats. Cheers!

March 2, 2009

I Could Not See the Sentence

An evening of words from wordmongers

Blake Butler, Claire Donato & Mike Young

Monday, March 9th, 7pm

According to Miss Donato there will be an unfolding of debauchery but I have the feeling that it will be the "clothes on" kind of debauchery, a sober debauchery, or rather, a debauchery of the English and/or other language(s).

And speaking of debauch, be sure to investigate the new and newly sanctioned buhlahg for Not About The Buildings. Matthew Lawrence, the man that makes it happen, has assured me (in a semi-private correspondence) that it will be, and here I quoth, "the bees' knees".