January 28, 2009

Take a gander at Electric Ant. It is not, as I first thought, a 60's dance craze reinterpreted for the 2000's by the people who love the 80's. It is, instead, a Bay Area comics zine (whose eponym is a short story by PKD) put together by Ryan Sands. This is issue one and so naturally it is concerned about your first kiss.

Also newly-arrived and ready for your consideration:

- James McShane's Selected Comics

- Paper Rad's Pig Tales

- New Jack's Guide to the Big House

- Lower Than Dirt, a collection of Rhode Island wall art, so 'low' that I can't even find a link for it.

January 21, 2009

Nazi Knife #5. It just stumbles off the tongue, doesn't it? Nazi Knife. Number Five. Saying it out loud kind of makes my skin twitch even though I've said it out loud several times to innoculate myself from its effect. The words "Nazi" and "Knife" dredge up a scene from a very important movie of my boyhood, An American Werewolf in London. (If you've already watched this film then you know which scene I'm talking about. If not, well, I won't spoil your surprise, your shock, except to say that the scene in question involves a Nazi and a knife. I can hear you asking, "A Nazi in a werewolf movie?" But can you hear me responding, "Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus!"?)

Nazi Knife #5. Don't be afraid of its name. And don't be afraid because it's French. (It is French. I paid for it in euros.) All it is, is strange and fantasical art, nicely reproduced, for your enrichment. And it's lurking here at Ada Books.

Also of note, I have more of Jo Dery's new book, Quietly Sure - Like the Keeper of a Great Secret, and a number of her greeting cards. Plus plenty of other Little Otsu treasures.

And I now have Sidebrow. No, that isn't some sort of hip new veneral disease but it is a hip new literary magazine and it's entirely safe as long as you wear a condom.

Hey, watch out, there's more to come! Poetry season is right around the corner.

January 14, 2009

This picture (Leif Goldberg's Bonnacon) is your clue or, if you'd rather, your warning that Ada Books finally has Beasts! Book Two. I don't understand why it took so long to wend its way here but I'm certain that it had something to do with elves or hobgoblins or some such. Put on your +2 plate mail, hoist your adamantine short sword and come take a look. The book might bite you but I never will.

Speaking of adamantine, please feast your eyes on another Ada Books press clipping. I can't explain why I've become so popular lately. I've never even used Axe body spray. (The interviews were conducted via email anyway.)

Kids may not like monsters (the feeling, I think, is mutual) but they might like some of these recent acquisitions:

- The Adventures of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets. Educational and entertaining anti-soviet propaganda! Also, check out these Tintin titles (among others):

- The Black Island
- The Shooting Star
- The Castafiore Emerald

From the good people at The Center for Cartoon Studies, I have Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow and Jason Lutes' Houdini (Lutes teaches at the CCS).

Toon Books publishes smart, cute and funny books for kids. I now have Jack and the Box, by Art Spiegelman and Stinky, by Eleanor Davis (She drew the Bannik in Beasts! Book Two) and I plan to have more soon.

I have other new stuff, too. Adult stuff like Jonathan Ames' The Alcoholic, the latest Black Jack, by Osamu Tezuka and Side A: The Music Lover's Graphic Novel. And more even, jeeze, it would take too long to list it all so I'm not going to. Why don't you just stop by if you're so curious? No seriously, stop by. Be curious.

January 7, 2009

Normally, I don't go around tooting my own horn. It's unseemly, not to mention arrogant, obnoxious and what have you. But today I'll go against my Protestent instincts and ask you to read this pompous interview I coughed up on Bookslut. I'd like to thank Gili Warsett for her kind her words, her patience and her unfathomable interest. In the same issue you'll also find a "roundtable" discussion between Kate Greenstreet, Nancy Kuhl and others.

- Michaela dropped off a stack of her newest issue of Bullshit Frank & Gorilla Joe. I urge you to come in and put your paws all over it.

- Also, I have a mighty ingenius five issue mini-comic called Burning Building. It's by Jeff Zwirek and each issue follows the inhabitants of an apartment in a building that is, well, burning.

- And in direct violation of my homepage propaganda, I now carry cookbooks, gardening books and books for children. These sections aren't as vast as I'd like them to be just yet but give them time and they will flourish, I assure you.