June 23, 2009

Ada Books will be operating under the auspices of

WEIRD SUMMER HOURS from now through July 31st.

That means that on most weekdays (except for the

odd Monday or two) I won't open until 2pm or so.

Furthermore, certain Saturdays will be pre-empted

due to outdoor festivals (Indie Arts Fest 7/18 &

Woolly Fair 7/25) and the occasional kickball game

(Holy Rollers rule!) Furtherfurthermore, my wife

has made it clear that if I don't take a day off

once in a while there will be trouble. Therefore,

certain sunny Sundays, when all my lovely customers

are on the beach reading and tanning, I will be there

too, shiny with sunscreen, sweating in the shade of

a big umbrella. It might just be best to call me first

before dropping in. Here's the number: 401.432.6222

June 15, 2009

Hey, you should totally come to this reading/music thing that's happening at Ada Books on Sunday at 4pm. Here's who'll be reading from stuff they wrote themselves:

Brian Oakley & Eric Paul are local talent while
Melanie Hayze & Robert O'Brien live in Baltimore,
talented folks from a talented town, I'm sure.

Here's Brian talking to a Rachel Ray surrogate:

And Drew Swinburne will be setting up his soundbeam machines!

That's him thinking beach thoughts.

It's this Sunday, June 21st, at four in the evening.
There will be a 5 dollar "fun tax" at the door.
And there might be beer or cold drinks inside.

Make time for the good times!

June 9, 2009

Someday, I'll have a cooler website. Here's
a foreglimpse, courtesy of James McShane:

. . . and . . .

. . . and . . .

That's me in the last one. I've never looked so handsome.