Normally, I don't go around tooting my own horn. It's unseemly, not to mention arrogant, obnoxious and what have you. But today I'll go against my Protestent instincts and ask you to read this pompous interview I coughed up on Bookslut. I'd like to thank Gili Warsett for her kind her words, her patience and her unfathomable interest. In the same issue you'll also find a "roundtable" discussion between Kate Greenstreet, Nancy Kuhl and others.

- Michaela dropped off a stack of her newest issue of Bullshit Frank & Gorilla Joe. I urge you to come in and put your paws all over it.

- Also, I have a mighty ingenius five issue mini-comic called Burning Building. It's by Jeff Zwirek and each issue follows the inhabitants of an apartment in a building that is, well, burning.

- And in direct violation of my homepage propaganda, I now carry cookbooks, gardening books and books for children. These sections aren't as vast as I'd like them to be just yet but give them time and they will flourish, I assure you.


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