HOLY GOD!!! It's the Seventh Coming of Kramers Ergot!

And it's happening here, at Ada Books.

On Sunday, December 7th, from 6pm - 9pm,
gladhand with the makers of Kramers Ergot 7.

Nine or ten or twelve or eight of them will
be around for you to schmooze with, get to
know on a brief and superficial basis, maybe
even to go home with, I don't know, it's
none of my business. I do know they'll at
least sign your book, sign your back, sign
whatever you ask, I imagine. Best of all,
you'll have a memory that will last through
early onset senility and at least one body
you won't want to wash for weeks.

Here's a list of the probable possibles:

Sammy Harkham, James McShane, Leif Goldberg
Rick Altergott, Ron Rege, P'Shaw, C. F.
John Pham, Ben Jones, Souther Salazar,
Kevin Huizenga & Ron Rege

That should be plenty of incentive for any
contemporary-comics addict. However, for
those old-fangled caffeine addicts, Ada's
streetmate (and neighborhood fixture),
White Electric,
will be open and serving your coffee and
tea needs until nine o'clock.


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