I took yesterday off, both on-line and in-shop. I sat at home with my wife and a scrabble board and fought the cold with thoughts of my favorite president, Millard Fillmore (I guess a space heater would have worked better). Millard Fillmore came to the office by accident and he only served for two years and as far as I know (I've done no research) he got nothing done but his outlandish name has always had a place in my private pantheon. I know I should have had Washington or Lincoln in mind on this observational celebration, but I (and everyone else) think about them or at least acknowledge them in some unconscious manner every time we put a dollar in a vending machine or throw another penny into an old mayonaise jar. Millard Fillmore gets no such royalties. So it was to Millard's memory that I stayed at home and accomplished nothing yesterday. I like to think that he'd've been proud.


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