The new books keep trickling in: DEAR DEAD PERSON AND OTHER STORIES BY Benjamin Weissman; HAUNTED HILLBILLY by Derek McCormack; HOW THE HULA GIRL SINGS by Joe Meno; IT DISAPPEARS by Nate Powell; A VOID by Georges Perec; EPILEPTIC by David B.; and GARNER by Kirstin Allio. Kirstin Allio is local talent, Providence patriots. She taught or teaches at Brown. For those of you who like to thumb up the books that some other person doesn't even want anymore (or the books that some other person is too dead to read anymore), I have recently taken in a couple of hundred orphans, mostly fiction, most of which found space on my shelves, books whose titles and authors I can't remember in any detail (so quickly do they blend in with the others) but titles and authors of note, rest assured, and taste. Here's something else that's new: I'll be open on Sunday this weekend, from noon till four.


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