Today we're having poetry weather in Providence: our first genuine snow this winter. I have an excellent view of its pile-up through the wide vitrine that fronts Ada Books. But what does snow have to do with poetry? Nothing really, although I'm sure if I reached for (and opened up to the S's in) my Bartlett's, I'd find plenty of snowy lines to quote to you. In fact, were it a violent sun or a crumpling fog or a gently pelting hail, I'd still insist that it was poetry weather. Because tonight is the first in what I hope will be a long series of poetry nights, put together by The Publicity Complex. Kate Schapira will read from her Pheonix Memory and Jen Tynes will read from her freshly minted The End of Rude Handles. Jen Tynes also is the editor at horse less press, which she describes as a bare-bones, thin-skinned literary press housed in Providence, Rhode Island. We believe in the necessary absence of every articulated thing. All our publications are constructed by hand. So for the stalwart, the snowshod, those crazy about free verse and free wine, please come to the reading, tonight at 6pm.


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