Yesterday was the sixth monthiversary of Ada Books. There was no fanfare (unless you count my accidental tripping of the burglar alarm) and no tomfoolery (unless you count filling out tax forms) and nobody got (very) drunk. Boy, do I know how to throw a party! I'll make it up to me (and you, loyal blogfollower) in a half of a year, give or take an afternoon. Today's weather is better suited to hibernation than celebration. I question my sanity (not to mention my business acumen) for even unlocking the shop door on a day like this. Books would be the last thing on my mind right now, if I weren't surrounded by them, and so I don't imagine too many of you will be out looking for literature. It's okay. I understand. After all, I didn't even invite you to my party. Which I regret because I could have used some help with those tax forms.


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