Tonight, as I've said before, Ada Books will be featuring the art of Melissa Mendes. What I haven't told you (because I only just now found out) is that around the corner, at White Electric, will be another edition of Black Acoustic, the impertinent and intermittent show of bands who are stripped down to their bones, using only their loose-fitting and shredded-at-the-edges souls to serve as figurative fig leafs. Or so I've been told. I haven't seen this happen. Still, I think their names should be enough to recommend them: Death Vessel, Anni Rossi, Ora Cogan and Quaky Gum. They begin early, at seven-thirty in fact. I encourage you, stranger, to come by Ada Books this evening, soak your eyes with art and then walk over to White Electric, pay your five dollars and sop up the sounds of Black Acoustic. Or vice versa.


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