Over the last week or ten days, I've had the pleasure of adding a lot of Goodtime Charlies to my shelves. What are Goodtime Charlies? I'm glad I asked. Goodtime Charlies are the guys you always want at your party. They're the ones with the jokes, the zingers, the witty refrains. Put the word out that a Goodtime Charlie will be at any event and your attendance will double or treble. Goodtime Charlies have an audience, an entourage. They are hounded by sycophants and admired by aspirants. They are the cool kids. And you, Stranger, become (slightly) cooler even when you're in eyeshot of a Goodtime Charlie: arm in arm with one while you strut down the street or sharing a coffee with one at your neighborhood cafe. Goodtime Charlies give you a bump up in social rank. And they make excellent conversation starters for lonely Strangers everywhere. Now, just who do I mean when I say Goodtime Charlies? Why, I mean The Vonnegut, of course. Tom Robbins and Thomas Pynchon. Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac. William Burroughs and Richard Brautigan. Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski. There are others, but you get the idea. These are the people you want at your party. They are the voices you want in your head. And for the moment, Ada Books has more of them than is usual. But I promise you, Stranger, these Goodtime Charlies won't linger. They never do.


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