I encourage you, Stranger (and even the not-so strange), to visit inkape.com(you'll find the link at your right). It's a swell site put up by a customer and acquaintance of Ada Books, Alec Thibodeau. Not only is Alec a nice guy but he's a brilliant artist and musician. His posters are brief histories of imaginary worlds (worlds that I sometimes wish were really real). If you live in Providence then you are probably already familiar with his work -- it's been on the walls and in the windows of many worthwhile coffee shops, record huts, bars, restaurants and even the occasional bookstore. Hell, if you live in Providence, you might even know the guy, you might have one of his posters on your living room wall, above your television (and making you feel guilty for not doing something more important with your time than watching television). So have a look. You won't be wasting your time. Your time, in fact, will become more valuable. And your eyes will thank you. That of course is just one bookmonger's opinion. You, Stranger, should decide for yourself.


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