I've got some new art on my walls. New to me, that is. The artists -- Nick Cope and Cassidy Reihwaldt -- have seen them lots of times already, I'm sure. Probably tired of having their stuff kick around the studio. Wanted, perhaps, to give them some air. And so they sent them to Ada Books. They are hanging behind me even now, staring at the back of my head. I won't bother with a critique. I'm hardly qualified for that. I will tell you what Nick Cope would tell you were you (and he) here (or if you were to read the bio-paragraph he left behind): that he is . . . interested in consumption and synchronicity . . . and that these two disparate topics come together when one refuses to 'buy' into the model of hierachical capitalist distribution and keeps the heart open to receive working materials from arbitrary sources. Cassaidy has kept mum about what inspires her. But you can make up your own mind, Stranger, about both of these artist's work, by coming down to the shop and gazing at the walls awhile.


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