Stranger, this Saturday -- before or after your precious beach time -- you ought to go downtown, on Empire Street to be precise (between Washington and Weybosset, for those that like their precision extra acute), and there you will find Foo Fest. What is Foo Fest? And why is it called Foo Fest? And just what in hell is a Foo anyway? Truth is, I have no idea. And what's more, I think you should quit pestering me, go to the AS220 link (at the right side of the screen) and do your own Foo-search, all right? They're putting on this Foo Fest, not me. I'll just have a booth there, for your convenience. If you catch me near noon, I'll be happy to glad-hand and schmooze and chat and kiss-on-the-cheek and even make reading suggestions, if necessary. Later in the day, I may be hot or tired and I'll definitely be a little drunk and possibly asleep, so perhaps my lovely wife will help you out. Either way, we'd love to see you. It's been a long time.


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