Poetry never sleeps, Stranger. Even after you think you've tucked her in for the night, poetry will just watch the ceiling and wait for the chance to spring. It's better, I've found, to get poetry out into the open, preferably in a public space where there are many witnesses. We -- the auditors and eye-spyers -- keep poetry honest. And we've got to be ever at the ready. That is why, that is one of the reasons why I urge you to come to Ada Books this Friday, September 14th, at 6pm, to observe the poetry of Tina Cane and Laurie Carlson. While their poems are on display, you might like to chew and sip quietly from the food and wine the thoughtful hosts have put within your reach. You may even find a book you'd like to buy. But more importantly, you'll help to make our world a more aesthetically bearable place. And remember: while you're sleeping, poetry is wide awake and remaking everything we know.


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