The postman brought me a goodie box today. Inside was not a batch of mom's brownies nor dead letters from old flames nor the terrible beating of the tell-tale heart nor a three-ring flea circus nor instant water (just add water) nor even a collection of obscure vintage pornographic magazines. What the goodie box showed to me was a small but elite squadron of independent comics. When I got them out and assembled them and lined them up and inspected them, I was impressed. And so, I think, will you be if you care to come down and run your eyes all over them. Brian Ralph, Matt Brinkman and Jordan Crane are but the celebrity names on the list. There are others, less well-known perhaps, but not less talanted. And they are here, now, a hatful of greenhorns mingling with all the old hands. I wish you could see them, Stranger! Just begging to get their cheeks pinched!


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