It's pure shirkery, my writing this so late in the day but I won't offer you excuses, Stranger. You're too smart for that. Okay, one excuse, or what I prefer to call a reason -- it's been so long since my last poetry night that I've forgotten how to promote. Yes, that's right, I said poetry night. Specifically, number seven in the infinitely-enumerated Publicly Complex Reading Series, put together by Kate Schapira and Ada Books. It's tonight, at 6pm. The readers are Ryan Daley, who has some wild stuff in his new book Armored Elevator; and Jennifer Martenson, whose work I'm unfamiliar with but she was published by Burning Deck -- a small house with a giant shadow across the groves of academe. There will, as always, be dry wine and salty snacks. And again, as always, it's all free.


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