There'll be more poems in Ada's air atoms this coming Sunday, November 4th. Nancy Kuhl, authorer of The Wife of the Left Hand and Sarah Riggs, who wrote Water Work, have agreed to do their thing for us. Who are we, Stranger, to let them down? The usual free wine and snacks will be within your reach. And chairs for the early. Here's something that Nancy Kuhl has made:


The hoax of relic bones
and the goddess of hinges
stay buried in the still
frozen ground. A scheme
luminous as a pearl.
Hidden: flimsy telegrams
and torn-envelope letters,
clear-eyed jewels; all of it
bundled, pushed deep
into a hole in the wall,
nestled among sparrows.
This is a hard fact:
appetites make bad wives.
Cigarette smoke swirls white,
rooms forget dimensions.
The birds begin to escape.
They leave almost no trace
in the electric morning;
they shine like silver keys.


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