This website (appearances to the contrary) is neither static nor stagnant. This website is a living thing, or rather, it is like a living thing. And like a living thing it must shed its old pixels now and then and replace them with fresh ones. However, just as you hardly notice the flaking detritus that drifts away from you everyday, the changes to this website can whipser up undetected, like the cancer that might or might not be growing in any one of our organs at any moment. So. I'd like to make you aware of what's new. If I may direct your attention to the right. Here you'll find five new links. I'll take them anti-alphabetically. What is Zembla? Zembla is the final entry in Pale Fire's index. It is, according to that very entry, a distant northern land. It is also a website devoted to the study and veneration of Vladimir Nabokov, who is the fundamental force, the elemental engine that rumbles under the soul (metaphorically speaking) of Ada Books. Know Zembla, know me. White Electric doesn't need anyone to stump on its behalf. They are a fixture, a face on the side of a mountain. If you live in or near Providence, you know White Electric already. If you live downtown or on the west side, you probably go there every day for coffee and sandwiches. I know that my coffee bone would ache without it. Kitchen Press, out of New York City, produces and prints some magnificant chap books. Justin Marks, its leader in sweat and spirit, seems to have an extra ear for poetry. He will be reading at Ada Books in a few weeks. Circle A Cycles builds bikes like gods made men: out of hard clay and old magic. At least that's how it looks to me. I don't how they do it, actually. Trade secrets. But I've seen the results and I am humbled. Active Suspension is a record label. If you touch this link it will take you directly to their streaming "radio" station. They carry the dream sounds of Davide Balula and Ramona Cordova, among others. Lately, I have it on at all times. Many of the songs you'll hear are more aleatoric than catchy. Some of them might crack your brain. But I find them soothing. And they just fit in Ada's petite atmosphere (with plenty of room left over for you, Stranger).


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