Last Saturday, as I'd warned you, Ada Books was privileged to host a couple of fine poets (Whitbeck and Cohen) who agreed to do their thing aloud and in front of everybody. Among that everybody sat a cavalcade (OED defines cavalcade thusly: 1. A march or raid on horseback; 2. A procession on horseback, esp. on a festive or solemn occasion. I admit, I saw no horses that night.) of new American talant including John Cotter, Elisa Gabbert, Chris Tonelli, Mathias (I believe) Svalina and Justin Marks. Justin, head honcho of Kitchen Press, endowed the shop with a selection of his chapbooks. And here they are, elegantly arranged, awaiting just one glance, one thumbed rub, one passionate nod of like mind from you, Stranger. Please, don't snub these gut-wrought words.


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