I hate to be so blatantly commercial, especially during the holidays (Linus Van Pelt would be so disappointed in me.), but I thought I'd let you know that I do sell gift certificates here at Ada Books. They come in festive Santa-hued envelopes, though the certificates themselves are a drab, dirty, smudgy brown. But perhaps you have a family member or loved one who likes brown? Anyway, the certificates are not important. What is important, is what they represent. And what do they represent? Words. Worlds. Wonder. Whatever they represent can be found in books. And books can be found at Ada Books. And if the books your loved one or family member or friend or postman cannot be found here at Ada Books then I will find them, no matter the time it takes or the money it requires (as long as it isn't more than the amount of the gift certificate). And Stranger, isn't that the real meaning of the holidays? Doing stuff for people? For money? Of course it is. Of course it is.


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