It may be too late for last minute gifts but since when do you need an excuse to come into Ada Books? Here are a few new things you'll find if you do. . .

Graphic Novels: The Comic Book Holocaust, by Johnny Ryan; Ghost Stories, by Jeff Lemire; Fatal Distraction, by Sonja Ahlers; Louis Riel, by Chester Brown; Red Eye, Black Eye, by K. Thor Jensen; Cry Yourself To Sleep, by Jeremy Tinder; Poor Sailor, by Sam Harkham;Acme Novelty Library #18, by Chris Ware; The Building, by Will Eisner; Dangerous Woman, by Sharon Rudahl; Good-Bye Chunky Rice, by Craig Thompson; Pure Trance, by Junko Mizuno; Macedonia, by Harvey Pekar; Pyongyang, Guy Delisle; Shortcomings, by Adrian Tomine; Robot Dreams, by Sara Varon.

Literature: Whatever, by Michel Houelebecq; Distant Star and Last Evenings on Earth, by Roberto Bolano; Book of Disquiet and Message, by Fernando Pessoa; Going Down and Collected Poems, by David Markson; W, or The Memory of Childhood, by Georges Perec.

Political, Art, etc: The Portable Athiest, ed. by Christopher Hitchens; The Unraveling of the Bush Presidency, by Howard Zinn; T.A.Z, by Hakim Bey; Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, by Michael Perry; Hello Please!, by Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda.

Of course, there are plenty of other books to buy or browse, Stranger, and just because I haven't listed them here doesn't mean that I don't love them. I'm also buying books if you have good things to sell. You don't need an appointment but you might want to call ahead in case I get antsy and leave early. It's not all that professional around here.


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