Kate Colby, who is not just a friend of the shop but a gifted and important contemporary poet, has graciously consented to celebrate the local launching of her second book, Unbecoming Behavior, with us at Ada Books. And "us" is you, Stranger, if you want it to be.

Unbecoming Behavior is published by the earthy, the piquant, the noble Ugly Duckling Presse, headquarted in Brooklyn, USA. Their link is to your right and there you will also find praise and prose concerning Kate Colby and her work.

I urge you to join us, Saturday, March 29th, at 6 pm. We'll have a bounty of refreshments that will otherwise go to waste. And though it is Spring we may still need the heat of humans* to warm us while we listen to Kate's good words.

*In fact, my heater works all right. I just like the idea of a body-heated book shop.

This week's Discount Dandy is Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, by Laurens van der Post.


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