Rocket ships are exciting
But so are roses on a birthday

Computers are exciting
But so is a sunset

And logic will never replace love

Sometimes I wonder where I belong
In the future or in the past

I guess I'm just an old-fashioned

Hi, Stranger. If you think computers and sunsets are exciting then I think you'd like this forthright volume of poetry by Boston's homeblood, Leonard Nimoy. It's called Warmed By Love and it's this week's Discount Dandy!

So what is a Discount Dandy; I mean, besides a shameless promotional gimmick?

Well, a Discount Dandy is a special book on Ada Books' shelves which I bestow with the power to take 20% off of your purchase.

Does that mean I could buy cool books, books I actually might want to read, for 20% as well?

Anything you buy along with the Discount Dandy will also cost 20% less, yes.

Do I have to say the phrase 'Discount Dandy'? Because I feel sort of stupid saying it out loud.

I'm sorry but you will have to tell me, the man behind the desk, that you know about the Discount Dandy in order to get the discount. I can't do everything.

Can I just say 'D. D.'? I mean, that sounds a lot less stupid, don't you think?

D. D. is fine, as long as you mention it with your purchase. And remember, the book will change each week. I'll either announce it here or post it in the shop. I reserve the right to be coy and maybe make a little riddle or puzzle instead of telling you outright. Any other questions?

Yeah. I thought Leonard Nimoy was a Vulcan?

He's a Mass. man and his poetry is a solipsistic mind-meld. Listen to this specimen:

I may not be the fastest
I may not be the tallest or the strongest

I may not be the best or the brightest

But one thing I can do better
Than anyone else. . .

That is to be me


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