These are some of the new new books that have come in recently. I'll have even more by the end of the week, unless FedEx has it in for me.

And don't forget, please don't you ever forget that I'm always getting new used books. They come in all the time, like waifs. I clean their faces and give them a bookshelf to sleep on for a while but it's up to you, Stranger, to give them a home.

If you come in this Saturday you'll find that I'm not here, that the shop is dark and dusty. Well, it's always dusty but the darkness will be the fault of the Indie Arts Festival downtown where I'll be working as literature's shill. My table will be covered with books, early on, and later, with beer cups. Please visit me. I miss you.

Coming up, on August 2nd, William Walsh and Brian James Foley will be reading aloud for our pleasure. It's at 7pm and there'll be the usual snackery. It's going to be in all the papers but I'll let know more soon.


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