- poetry from the ever-awesome Black Ocean including Zak Schomburg's THE MAN SUIT, Carrie Adams' A USELESS WINDOW, D.J. Dolack's THE SAD MEAL and their anthology of wonders, HANDSOME VOL. I.

- a pair of plums from Secret Acres! Theo Ellsworth's CAPACITY & Eamon Espy's WORMDYE. And more stuff from Worcester's own Sam Gaskin.

- oddments and miscellany of OGNER STUMP, including ONE THOUSAND SORROWS. Brought to you by the hand and mind of Andrew Goldfarb.

- a batch of goodies from Gingko Press: E. PLURIBUS VENOM by Shepard Fairey; I LOVE U BABY, a collection of characters; TOO FAT, CAN'T FLY by Yuko Kondo; WUNDERGROUND: PROVIDENCE 1995 TO THE PRESENT; and the always beautiful, always tear-inducing, POOR SAILOR by Sammy Harkham. (And speaking of Sammy Harkham, I sold out of my original shipment of Kramers Ergot 7s. I have a few more on the way. If you'd like one, please let me know and I'll set it aside for you. If I run out again, I can always order more.)

- I also just received a lot of foreign language comics conveniently translated into English. There are titles by Lewis Trondheim, Christophe Blain, Tanaka, Seyong O, Joann Sfar and the estimable David B., whose Nocturnal Conspiricies has just been released, to wild applause and critical acclamour.


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