I think you're going to like these. . .

They're handmade cards from Haley Pants. Not printed, not pressed, but drawn by Haley's hand, usually under the influence of caffeine and always under the auspices of creative genius.

Each card is unique and worthy of enframement. You'd be a fool, and I mean that in the starry-eyed sense, a complete bloody fool not to come in and at least have a gander at them, while they last that is.

(Because of their singular beauty, they are certain not to last forever. That, plus, the world and everything on it is bound to end sometime. I mean, eventually. Probably not any time soon. I honestly don't know any of the details. But I hear things. By the way, I don't mean that I "hear" things, like there are things that only I can hear, like in my head or something. I mean I hear rumours, talk, armageddon chit-chat.)

Just, please, before the sun strangles us all, set your eyes on some of this wonderloving stationary. And if you do miss this batch, and assuming the world is still with us, Haley promises to make more. Really, she can't help herself.


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