Interrobang! What is it? Well, it's this thing:

Mm hmm, it's an exclamation mark all tangled up in a question mark. Get it!? And like so many other brilliant but useless ideas it never caught on. (Try to find one on your computer keyboard. You can't. And if you can, congratulations, you're drunk!) Now, a local litzine has adopted this feckless symbol as their title and spirit guide. They're having a little swingding here at Ada Books on Friday, May 29th, starting at 7pm. They'll read at you, get you liquored up, fill your mouth with crumbs and offer their first issue for your buying pleasure. Please come.

Meanwhile, smear your eyes all over this:

From the mind and hand of Joseph P. Larkin, it's the Arcade of Cruelty! A series of art things and comicy jokes so tasteless and tasty it'll make you wish that humans didn't exist. Shame your family and friends! Buy one today, at Ada Books.


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