Plenty of little papery things have fluttered my way recently. Why don't I bring them to your attention?

Here, for instance, is new work by Aidan Koch. It's called YES. It and others are now on Ada's shelves.

This is a little something I like to call I'D SURE LIKE SOME FUCKING PANCAKES. Lauren Barnett also likes to call it this and since she wrote and drew it, I see no reason not to credit her for it. It and others are now appearing at Ada Books.

Here we have photo of Zara Messano's brilliant little FUR TRAIN. The photo hardly does it justice. It might behoove you to look at it face to face. It and others now reside at Ada Books.

And this spiffy number is the latest by Jarod Rosello. It's called FRANZ KAFKA'S POSEIDON and look, it has one long silkscreened cover, so long that it requires twice the normal number of photos to get its point across! It and others are now loitering at Ada Books.

So now you know. And knowing, as a brave after-school cartoon used to tell us, is half the battle. To win the battle, however, you need to come into Ada Books and have a look at these fine specimens and even buy them if they catch your eye. Because the other half of the battle is doing. (I'm not sure if the cartoon ever got around to telling you that.)


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